Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Fashion with thought.

Fashion with thought.

The root of S U N N Y is that we are all walking signs, our visual display is a representation of who we are and we reflect the times and changes our of world, Remember this.

So with this very idea, we come to the conclusion that the best dressed are the people that have the most depth, culture and exploration. They bring such a personality and a unique handwriting to dress, they also have such thought as to how they represent themselves.

These are the cats that S U N N Y is interested in. These are the cats that I design for.

50% of units bought today are from one or two massive companies alone, like the acardia group. You know that topshop girl that we all know, who is spoon fed fashion and represents fast fashion and not herself, simply because she has a lack of idea. Buying into that brand 100% is like loosing your identity, like going into the army. Don't get me wrong go there for your bits, like Marks n Spencers for your food, but when you wear something, think best about how is represents you.

S U N N Y uses this philosophy when designing collections, I always relate to the character, what she's exploring this season, whether it be the new york dolls in her cd player, or french cinema in the evening. Our journey is her journey, and life should be free from restraint and ready to explore.

We design a line of one off couture pieces that can be bought online or from The Runway Showroom in Camden stables. Shortly we will be bringing out a range of off the peg tailored rock n roll fashion that will be only made into small amounts, so the whole world is not wearing what your are.

With striving thoughts of the above, S U N N Y is working to provide the heights of these sub culture's, celebrities and personalities a lifestyle to fit into and enjoy living, it's more than just the cloth.

Within the month we shall be bringing out a short video based on Steven Meisel video Portfolio from 1983. We plan to teach you more about what has been already so that you can help us create the future with more of an idea. Lets make a scene.

Thank you for reading. Sunny Boy. Check out the link below, it's ultra cool. Portfolio 1983.